House of Barre opened the doors of its second studio in Heemstede in September 2023. Located on the main shopping street in Heemstede it is very well reachable by car or by bike. If you come by bike please take some time to park your bike in a designated area. If you arrive by car, there is free parking at Res Novaplein just behind the studio, although spots are limited there. Otherwise you can park your car on the Binnenweg, make sure you don’t forget to switch on your payment for parking.

House of Barre Heemstede

Binnenweg 109
2101 JE, Heemstede

Our classes


BARRE (high intensity barre)

This high intensity barre class will give you a 60 minute, full body barre workout. using light weights, a pilates ball and a resistance band. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, we work all the muscle groups and use cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up. Sweating guaranteed!



The same good stuff as our regular barre class, in 50 minutes.


BARRE TONE (all the burners minus the cardio)

All the burners, minus the cardio! This barre class offers a 60 minute full body workout, focusing on the various positions that are used most in barre. This class is a bit slower paced than our regular barre class, is low-impact only and does not contain any pure cardio exercises. Flowing from one exercise to the other, we focus on getting that deep burn that tightens and tones the muscles.



All women are welcome! We focus on core connection and maintaining correct posture and alignment. This barre class is carefully designed to be pregnancy safe and still give you a full body burn. Specific core exercises target the deepest layers to build a strong foundation throughout pregnancy, and postpartum. Also great for beginners looking to learn how to activate their core muscles for proper barre form. No matter where you are on your journey, from trying to conceive to years after childbirth, learn to engage muscles you might not even know you had!