Want to start your day with a kick-ass workout? Shake off a busy day at work? We have a weekly schedule full of classes, morning and evening – so you can get your me-time in every day of the week.

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BARRE (high intensity barre)

This high intensity barre class will give you a 60 minute, full body barre workout. using light weights, a pilates ball and a resistance band. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, we work all the muscle groups and use cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up. Sweating guaranteed!



The same good stuff as our regular barre class, in 50 minutes.


BARRE TONE (all the burners minus the cardio)

All the burners, minus the cardio! This barre class offers a 60 minute full body workout, focusing on the various positions that are used most in barre. This class is a bit slower paced than our regular barre class, is low-impact only and does not contain any pure cardio exercises. Flowing from one exercise to the other, we focus on getting that deep burn that tightens and tones the muscles.