Our team is at the heart of the House of Barre studio. We love our team of enthusiastic and positive teachers who will motivate you, empower you and provide you with a super effective and fun workout. Find out more about our teachers below.



House of Barre was founded by Eveline. Since she can remember, Eveline has had a passion for movement and dancing. She took many ballet and jazz classes from a young age and loved to run and challenge herself in the athletic field. In Barre, she found the perfect combination between a challenging workout and elegance, focus on form and mindful moving.

After years of taking barre classes, Eveline trained in 2019 with master trainer Liesel Swanepoel in Cape Town and certified to become a barre instructor. Back in The Netherlands, she founded House of Barre to share her love for this amazing workout. 

Having worked in the field of law, she decided to take her life into a completely different direction to follow her dream. She started fully focusing on expanding her barre classes and taking House of Barre to a new level. The first House of Barre studio opened in Haarlem in February 2022. 

Eveline teaches barre classes at the House of Barre studio most days of the week – doing what she loves most!



Born in Michigan, USA, Sara moved to Los Angeles to study Kinesiology and pursue a career in fitness training. With a background in gymnastics, she tried countless classes and ultimately fell in love with barre. She completed her initial training with Pure Barre in 2017 and has continued to advance her education, both formally and informally, to provide each student with the best class possible.

With a strong emphasis on form and alignment, Sara’s barre classes are great for beginners and veteran barre students alike!



Brigitte has always been fascinated by the mind-body connection and movement in general. For her, movement is therapy – a way to process thoughts and emotions. Good music is an instrumental part of that as it triggers the mind in any possible way. 

Brigitte has been teaching vinyasa yoga for several years, but also loved the fast-paced Barre classes and decided to take up the challenge to become a Barre teacher. 

Whether it is yoga, barre, cycling or surfing – Brigitte loves to push herself to the limit and motivate others by doing so! 

So get ready to sweat!


Sophie, originally from France, has always been fascinated by the connection between our body and mind as well as the connection we have with each other. Sophie has been teaching before discovering barre, she is a certified Vinyasa yoga and meditation teacher, Breathwork facilitator and Positive Intelligence coach. 

Having ADHD is her drive to explore and experience how to use this connection to grow through life’s challenges. Sophie’s mission is to help empower as many people as possible to discover and use the power residing inside each one of us enabling us to turn any obstacle into opportunities. 

For her, Barre embodies this empowerment: show up, move and breathe with music so we can transform, get stronger in our body and mind to become who we want to be. 

Being a Barre teacher is in her heart and she teaches it with energy and passion. So get ready to sweat…



Lianne has been into sports for as long as she can remember. Barre was love at first sight for her. She loves the combination of music, movement, mindfulness and strength. With barre, she can express her energy in the best possible way, using high intensity and controlled power. She loves to workout together with other women, lifting them up, making them feel their own power. 

Besides teaching at House of Barre, Lianne also runs the lovely coffee place Native in Haarlem, together with four friends. So if not at the barre, you can catch her there!



Mireille has a background in classical ballet and studied at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. Nowadays she is teaching various movement classes. Mireille was trained in teaching pilates, yoga and barre.

At the barre, Mireille has found the perfect combination of strength, sculpting and energizing movements. You will notice her classical background in her classes, in which she likes to incorporate some more ballet style moves!