Our workout

The House of Barre workout is an energetic mix of ballet and Pilates exercises, cardio and strength training. We use your body weight and light weights, a Pilates ball and elastic straps to challenge your muscles. Our workout touches your whole body: top-down, front-back and side to side…. we don’t miss an angle! 

In our one-hour classes we exercise in groups of about 15 girls and this group vibe really makes the difference in how much you will push yourself to go further each time. 

We move on high energy music so it may feel like you’re having a party at the club without even going to the club… Our classes are dynamic and fast paced, your heart rate will get up and it’ll get sweaty! When we target a specific muscle group, we do lots of repetitions and variations and work the muscle till the point of exhaustion – which gives you that burning sensation and may result in that “barre shake” in your legs!

Challenging, but you will feel amazing afterwards.

You will leave having worked your entire body, feeling energized with happy endorphins running through your veins!