Strong BODY, strong MIND!

  • Strong core, tighter abs
  • Lifts your bum
  • Long lean legs, toned arms
  • Fat burning and more flexibility
  • Increases overall fitness
  • Positive vibes!

What are barre classes at House of Barre like?

House of Barre offers an energetic fusion of Barre and Pilates exercises mixed with cardio, using light weights, a ball and resistance bands.

Our classes are one hour and designed to target the whole body. Several muscle groups are involved in each exercise while cardio moves are used to increase the heart rate, making this form of exercise very effective and efficient. We use floor exercises and exercises at the barre (the wooden handle that you might know from Ballet). Classes are high tempo and energy so both your endurance and muscle strength are challenged. We sculpt and sweat at the same time!

Through specific isometric movements combined with resistance and cardio, results will show fast. Muscles will become long and lean instead of bulky. If you regularly follow House of Barre classes you will note your body will get stronger, leaner and more toned and your overall fitness will improve. It’s a challenging workout but results are guaranteed!

The House of Barre workout is for everyone who likes to be challenged and work up a sweat. Absolutely no ballet experience is required and you do not need to be flexible to be able to follow the exercises. Our classes are low impact but make no mistake… they’re also high energy! Don’t lose hope if your first barre class might feel overwhelming – try to push through… You will quickly get to know the movements and become stronger and fitter!!

Our classes are limited to six people so if you feel like working up a sweat together but not with the masses and in a cozy setting, House of Barre is the place to be!

Everyone is welcome to come try it out and see for yourself!

How and why was House of Barre created?

House of Barre was started in September 2019 by Eveline Sanders-Wagner. She discovered her passion for barre training in Cape Town where she lived for 4 years. Before moving back to Holland, Eveline decided to complete a Barre teacher training at the renowned Storm Centre in Cape Town with master trainer Liesel Swanepoel after which she was officially certified as a Barre instructor.

“What I love about Barre is that it’s an intelligent way of exercising, targeting the whole body in almost each exercise – which makes it very effective. It’s also about the body-mind connection, you’re challenging yourself both physically and mentally and pushing your own boundaries all the time” Eveline says. While she used to do lots of cardio in the gym, she noticed results very soon after she started following her first Barre classes.

“As a woman, especially as a mother, it’s great when a workout not only helps you get fitter but also improves your core strength and gives you an overall result of being stronger and more toned in all the right places,” she continues. “Next to this, as you leave class you will feel the endorphins going making you a happier person throughout the day.” Eveline also loved the fact that Barre training can be done in a group which makes it even more fun. And don’t forget the music that is used during the classes… “Music is such important element to get “into your zone” and help you focus on the moves and push through when it gets hard and you’re feeling the burn.” It helps to keep the positive vibe and make it fun for everyone.

With House of Barre, Eveline wanted to share her passion for Barre training and create a boutique style workout space with a positive atmosphere where anyone – beginners and the experienced – can feel comfortable to give their all to create a fitter, stronger version of themselves – while having fun.


  • Trial class Free
  • Single class € 13,50
  • 10 classes € 125,00

Practical information

What to wear / bring?

At House of Barre we exercise with bare feet, so no sports shoes or socks are required. You can wear comfortable and supporting exercise gear like a sports top and leggings. Long hair in a ponytail.

Please bring one large towel to place onto the mat that we use, and one small towel to wipe off your sweat!

How to get there

Our address is Zijlweg 295, Haarlem. If you arrive by car, please park at the Bijdorplaan around the corner. Don’t forget to pay for your parking. If you arrive by bike, you can put your bike in the garden.




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